Featured Book: Teya Toucan and Youcan Too!

Featured iBook: Teya Toucan and Youcan Too!This month we feature a wonderfully crafted Multi-Touch book from leading children’s publisher Chungaboo.  Aimed at children who are learning to read, but suitable for kids aged from 5 to 10, ‘Teya Toucan and Youcan Too!’ combines a great animated story with fun games and puzzles to aid the learning process.  The book includes;

  • A new twist on a favorite classic:  ABC rhyming story based on fun animal characters
  • Beautiful animations and sound effects enhanced with “Read to Me” technology
  • HD quality photo gallery with over 75 wildlife images
  • Developed in conjunction with world-class designers and voice talent.

Featured iBook: Teya Toucan and Youcan Too!What we particularly like about this title is the creative use of Bookry widgets, including Sketchpad and Word Search. For example, the clever guys at Chungaboo intend to keep the book’s content fresh by pushing out a new Word Search puzzle to the book every Monday, which is exactly what our server-based widgets are made for!  They have also created fun mazes using our Sketchpad widget and used our Drag and Drop widget to enable reader’s to create their own scenes using ‘stickers’ provided.

Chungaboo say: “This unique learning experience is much more than an eBook – this interactive story will leap from the pages and touch your hear.” We completely agree with that – great job guys!

You can download a free sample of ‘Teya Toucan and Youcan Too!’ on the iBookstore, where the full version is on sale for only $0.99.

Why not watch a video?  This short YouTube clip shows how Chungaboo use the Word Search widget to push updated content out to their digital book.

About Chungaboo
Chungaboo is an innovative, family-owned and oriented publishing company that creates highly interactive, educational content. Their eBooks and Apps include rich story-telling elements and refreshingly unique artwork. They are based in Austin, Texas, founded by Sarah Marquez and a few family friends whose children attended her in-home daycare.