New! Add a Checklist to your iBook

Checklist widget for your iBooksHere’s a simple but very useful widget for iBooks Author that enables you to place a Checklist in your Multi-Touch book made with iBooks Author. Whether it’s just a shopping list for a recipe or an end-of-chapter revision guide, this widget offers real value to your readers. Using our unique online widget generator you can create your Checklist and place it into iBooks Author in minutes.

The Checklist widget has the following great features:

  • Add a title, subtitle and intro paragraph
  • Supports multiple sub-levels
  • Maximize/minimize sub-level option
  • Reader Cloud enabled for ‘Saving’ and ‘Loading’
  • Customizable background, fonts for the list
  • Push updates out to the widget even after publishing
  • ….share and submit options to be added v.soon.

Enabling readers to save the Checklist
There maybe be instances where your reader wants to ‘check’ items off their list and come back to it  later to complete it.  With Reader Cloud your reader can do exactly that.  They can save their Checklist data to the Reader Cloud and retrieve it at anytime. They can also access their data from a copy of the book on a different iPad.  To save their list, readers simply tap on the cloud icon in the top right hand corner of the widget.

We hope that you find Checklist useful – we will be adding ‘Submit’ and ‘Share’ options in the coming weeks. Why not let us know how you’re using it – we’d love to hear from you!  There are so many possible applications including; revision list, recipe list, shopping list, places to visit list, to-do list, instructions and how-to guides etc.

Here’s the quickest way to get this widget into your book:

  1. Visit the Widget Library page and click on the Checklist widget.
  2. Select the “Download Now’ button.
  3. Fill in the pop-up (you will need to select a username and password if you are a new user).
  4. Fill in the ‘Static’ and ‘Live’ settings in the online generator.
  5. Save & Preview to see what it will look like in your book then ‘Download’ the file to your Mac.
  6. Finally, drag the .wdgt file from Finder into iBooks Author.