Create ‘Guess the Word’ puzzles for your iBooks Author titles

Bookry Guess the Word widget for iBooks AuthorOur fantastic new ‘Guess the Word‘ widget lets you create fun, challenging puzzles for any type of book.  To win, readers need to guess the correct word from the picture clues and a group of jumbled up letters. As well as pictures you can also opt for just a written question. The widget generator includes the following great features:

  • Easy to use uploader for adding pictures (with auto-resizing).
  • Mix it up by alternating pictures with written questions.
  • Add as many sequences of questions as you like.
  • Optional scoring.
  • Reader Cloud enabled for ‘saving’ and ‘loading’ for readers.
  • Customizable background, fonts and colors.

Layout choices for Guess the Word widget for iBooks Author

This puzzle is great fun and will definitely impress your readers. There are many places online where you can find public domain images to use with your puzzles.  We’ve listed a few below, but as always, make sure you check the licensing on individual images before using them:

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