Widget icon fix – we’ve banished the blur!

Widget icon fix - we've banished the blur!

You may have noticed that when you tap on a widget icon in a Multi-Touch book made with iBooks Author, the icon enlarges and often looks a bit blurred when doing so. This is a small issue with iBooks, as it automatically displays the original widget icon  whilst the file gets up and running. However, from today we’ve made two updates to Bookry that will help resolve this issue:

iBook Widget Icon Settings

You can now add high resolution images as the Widget cover. All default icons are now also high resolution.

1) We have optimized all our widgets to support high resolution images for the icon ‘cover’. So the next time you generate a widget make sure that you upload a high quality image for your widget icon (e.g. 1024 x 768).

2) We have also replaced all our default widget icons to be high resolution images.

Both of these updates will hopefully help eliminate this problem, and enable you to present a better, more professional user experience for your readers.