New! Introducing the Notepad Widget

Notepad widget for IBooks Author - let readers enter notes into their iBooks

We’re excited to announce that our eagerly awaited Notepad widget is now available in the free widget library. With Notepad you can let readers enter text into your multi-touch book made with iBooks Author.  For example, maybe they want to add some revision notes to a chapter, submit an assignment, provide some feedback, or jot down some changes they’ve made to a recipe. Whatever the scenario, the Notepad widget is an all-round winner!

You can place as many Notepad widgets into your book as you like, even on every page if you want to, and then measure how popular each one is by using the widget analytics e.g. find out which page, chapter or section your readers are making notes about the most.

The Notepad widget has the following great features:

  • Add unlimited text (well, within reason!)
  • Customizable background to suit your book
  • Option to include a ‘Share’ button for readers e.g. emailing some recipe notes
  • Option to include a ‘Submission’ button to submit the notes e.g. for coursework
  • Reader Cloud enabled for ‘Saving’ and ‘Loading’.

Enabling readers to save their notes
The Bookry Notepad widget is Reader Cloud enabled, which means that your readers can ‘save’ their notes and come back to them at any time, meaning that they don’t have to complete their notes in one session. With Reader Cloud they can also retrieve and load their notes into a copy of the book on a different iPad – perfect for any situation where iPads are being shared e.g. by students in a classroom.

Enabling readers to submit their notes
All notes can be submitted to an email address specified by the author in the  widget generator – the author will receive the notes by email. The data will also shortly be made available via the Bookry API,  allowing data be delivered directly into an LMS or CRM system.

Enabling readers to share the notes
Readers also have the option to share their notes if they want to.  Not only can they share them by email, they can also Tweet, Facebook and send to Evernote too!

If you want to try it out, here is the quickest way to get this widget into your book:

  1. Visit the Widget Library page and click on the Notepad widget.
  2. Select the “Download Now’ button.
  3. Fill in the pop-up (you will need to select a username and password if you are a new user).
  4. Fill in the ‘Static’ and ‘Live’ settings in the online generator.
  5. Save & Preview to see what it will look like in your book then ‘Download’ the file to your Mac.
  6. Finally, drag the .wdgt file from Finder into iBooks Author.