Display the latest news in your eBook with RSS News Reader widget

Keep readers informed with our free RSS widget for iBooks AuthorOur new RSS News Reader widget is a simple yet brilliant way of keeping your book up-to-date with the latest news.  This widget pushes an RSS news feed out to your book, and will automatically update itself every time the book connects to the Internet. The widget also saves the news items for readers to view offline. Including the RSS widget in your book is a surefire way of getting the latest news to your readers, for example, you could use the widget to deliver information on:

  • your organization or business
  • blog entries
  • news headlines
  • webinars, seminars and conferences
  • product/service news

The RSS widget can be customized to suit any book style and options include background graphic, header, font colors and styles. You can also change the widget’s RSS feed at anytime to push new content out to your book, even after publishing.

Visit the RSS widget page in the free widget library to get the widget now.