Introducing our new Sketchpad widget

New iBooks Author sketchpad widgetWe’re hoping to make lots of authors happy today with the launch of our new drawing widget! This has to be one of the most requested widgets by Class Widget users and we’re delighted to announce that, after having lots and lots of fun creating and testing it, the widget is now in the Widget Library for you to download.

The Sketchpad widget has lots of cool features and behaves more like and app than a widget, so you can add real value to your book by using it.  The widget lets you doodle, scribble and sketch with your finger in a predefined area in your book.  Some of the features include:

•    Blank background or import your own picture.
•    Comes with four children’s backgrounds including join the dots.
•    Choose from four pencil weights and 13 colors.
•    Undo, redo and erase functions.
•    Auto save – if you leave the widget and return, your picture will still be there.
•    One-tap clear all function.
•    Option to email your sketch directly from the widget.

Wherever you are, surely it’s time for a coffee break! So why not grab yourself a cuppa and watch our 2 minute YouTube video guide on this widget.

The quickest way to get this widget in your iBooks Author book is:

1)    Visit the Widget Library page and click on the Sketchpad widget.
2)    Select the “Download Now’ button.
3)    Fill in the pop-up (you will need to select a username and password if you are a new user).
4)    Follow the Widget Wizard instructions.
5)    Save, download and drop into iBooks Author.