Bookry Notes Throughout your Book

Hey there, it’s Tom here. If you missed my previous blog post, I’m one of the developers at Bookry and if you’ve been watching any of our videos you’ve probably heard me talking about some of our great widgets already!

I want to share a really great secret with you today. I want to show you how to get widgets to remember things between pages. You can then use this near-superhero power to do some really interesting things, like let your readers write a diary; they can keep writing in it on any page! Lots of our widgets remember things after you have closed them, like the new Notepad widget remembers what you typed last and it’s this cool ability that we’re going to make use of right now.

Let’s get started by creating a book with a few pages. You don’t have to spend loads of time writing anything, I’ve kept the normal Loren Ipsum that iBooks Author adds in…

… once you’ve done this let’s create the accompanying book holder on Once you’re signed in, head over to “My Bookshelf” and then create a new book. Make sure you name it something sensible, just like me…

…now all that’s left to do is create a widget.

Let’s create a really different Notepad widget. Did you know that you can align the notes differently depending on your background image? When you upload your background, if you choose the custom layout you can change what’s called the padding. This means, you could for example align the notepad to one side of the widget and reveal more of your background. (You might need to play around with your settings until you get it spot-on). I’m going to do this with a nice Bookry background so my readers can always see the Bookry logo…

…all that’s left to do now is save and download the widget.

Now for the magic. Drag your notes widget onto the first page of your book like you normally would. Now, do something naughty; drag the same notes widget from finder onto page three. Your book should now have a notes widget on every other page. As you can see I chose to put mine in the bottom right of the pages.

When we open the widgets on any of the pages you’ll notice that the notes are the same. This is because we only generated one widget on Bookry meaning they are able to share their data with each other. You may have noticed we didn’t place a widget on the second page. There is a good reason for this. When you open and close a widget, it stays open in the background until you scroll away two pages. What happens is if you open a widget on page 1, then on page 2 and go back to page 1 the widget isn’t told to get any new data. To stop any bugs it’s best to only place widgets like this on every other page.

Your readers can continue writing their notes from any page! Perfect. You can do this with any of our widgets, but it’s especially useful with our Notepad and Checklist widgets. As always I do recommend that normally you create a new widget on Bookry for every widget you want in your book. This way each widget is unique. This method is only really for advanced users who want something different.

Check out the book we’ve just created in the Gallery. Download it for yourself and have fun with our new widgets!