Get Creative! Try our ‘Drag & Match’ Game

Drag and Match game exampleWe’ve just released a great new app-like game that is a variation on our popular Drag and Drop widget.  Called Drag and Match it can be used in many different ways to create a number of games to place in your eBooks made with iBooks Author. The aim of the game is to match two images – a ‘source’ and a ‘target’. These can be anything e.g. a picture of a flower (source) and a shadow of a flower (target), or the word ‘tiger’ (source) and a picture of a tiger (target).

Just a few ways to create games using the Drag and Match widgetDownload an example shadow match game (shown above).

Features of the new Drag and Match online generator include:

  • You can upload a background image for the game that cannot be moved by the reader. This is the ‘stage’ for the game.
  • You can upload as many pairs of ‘source’ and ‘target’ images to go on the stage as you like.
  • ‘Target’ images – you can place these anywhere on the stage but the reader cannot move them e.g. shadow of a flower.
  • ‘Source’ images – you can place these anywhere on the stage and the reader can drag them around to find the correct match e.g. an image of a flower.
  • Source images can be displayed smaller than their paired target image and you can specify this in the generator.
  • A source image can automatically snap onto the shape when the correct match is found.
  • You can set a timer, point scoring scheme and win/loose graphics.
  • Restart button to let the reader play again.

You can find the new Drag and Match widget in our free widget library now.

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Download sample widget

Download an example animal shadow match game