Apple event is great news for ebook authors

Apple iBooks Author launchWe are very excited about yesterday’s Apple event. This launch, more than any other before it, will enable authors everywhere to make even better multi-touch, interactive books and reach a wider audience of readers across the globe. Here are just 6 reasons why we think the launch is fantastic for authors, and especially for Bookry users;

  1. Greater Reach – More devices out there will result in more readers and downloads of your books (sorry to state the obvious here!). So there’s never been a better time to start writing your first book and sharing it with your family, friends, colleagues, students etc. either on the iBookstore or using your free public/private BookStore on Bookry.
  2. Education – Being more portable and cheaper (well, just about), the iPad mini is perfect for use in education by both teachers and students alike. Teachers can use their private Bookstores on Bookry to share interactive text books with students and interact with them using our widgets, such as feedback, Live Poll & Quiz (coming soon).
  3. Better Analytics – Having more readers makes it even more important to get analytics on your books and widgets.  Find out what’s working in your books and what isn’t, so that your effort and time is spent wisely.  With Bookry you can get stats on visitors to your Bookstores, readers of your books, and their use of your widgets. (Bookry analytics for books and widgets work, regardless of how readers find your book).
  4.  Streaming Video for Smaller Books – Space on your 16GB iPad Mini will be tight, so our streaming YouTube and Vimeo widgets are a must, to ensure your book is as small as it can be. With our YouTube widget you can also ‘clip’ your video so that it only streams the extract you need.
  5. Inbuilt Portable Camera – This is perfect for our Photo Upload widget (coming soon), where readers can take photos from within your book when they’re out and about.
  6. For Business – Again, portability and price will help to accelerate the use of iPad mini in business, such as for publishing magazines, free promotional books and other marketing collateral, and catalogues with in-book purchasing.  There has never been a better time for businesses to embrace digital book for these purposes. Bookry push-updates and analytics will help managers to nurture and monitor success.

In the Keynote Tim Cook said; “We are just getting started,” which also rings true for Bookry, and we are very excited today!