Quiz Builder for iBooks Author is Here!

Quiz review widget for iBooks Author

We are very excited today to introduce you to our new Quiz Builder widget for use with iBooks Author.  If you like iBA’s review widget but want additional questions types, real-time interaction and data reporting, then this is the perfect widget for you!

Simply login to Bookry.com and use our unique Online Generator to create as many Quiz widgets as you like, then download the widget files and drag and drop them into iBooks Author. By using Bookry to generate your Quiz widgets, you and your readers will automatically gain access to other great Bookry features like saving and sharing, push updates and reader analytics.

Go straight to the Quiz Builder tutorial on YouTube

Using Quiz Builder in Education

We’ve made Quiz Builder a useful widget for eBooks of any genre and it’s one of our key goals to provide educators with an easy-to-use tool for generating assessments for digital textbooks. We think that Quiz Builder is packed full of great features, and here are 3 that we’d like to highlight in more detail:


1) Easy Web Creation

Online Generator

Customize Quiz layout to suit the style of your book

Customize Quiz layout to suit the style of your book

Customizing Layout
Generating your Quiz widgets is done online via your Bookry.com account and if you’ve created widgets before then you will be familiar with the process and layout of the generator page. As usual you can customize your widget icon and upload a background image. You can also customize the header and body font size/color/face so that your quizzes will fit in with the design of your book.

Building your Quiz Questions
There is one notable change in the generator however and that is the use of Markdown language under ‘Static Settings.’  Markdown is a simple formatting language that you can use to specify the final appearance of text. It’s very easy to write and provides you with an extensible way of building your quiz. There are a number of reasons why we’ve chosen to use Markdown:

  • Quizzes can be long and we wanted to keep the generator as short as possible.
  • To let you easily duplicate Quiz widgets i.e. by copying & pasting the Markdown.
  • To make it quicker for us to add new question types and features.
  • It allows great flexibility in the layout and structure of questions.
Quiz Generator - Preview & Edit Tabs

Quiz Generator – Preview & Edit Tabs, showing Markdown

Question Types
We’ve initially included 5 general questions types in the generator which are outlined below, plus features like a calculator, hint and Math support with LaTeX.  However, we will be adding many more question types in the coming weeks and we want you to get involved! We would like our Quiz widget to keep on evolving so that it becomes the most flexible and comprehensive review tool for educators using iBooks Author. So please visit our new Quiz Forum to post your questions and requests. We will soon be adding more features like random question pooling and achievement badges.

Question Types & Features: Coming Soon:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Selection
  • Fill in the blanks (in-line)
  • Textbox field entry – one line
  • Textbox field entry – multiple lines
  • Calculator
  • Math support with LaTeX
  • Question hint option
  • Multiple question layout options
  • Image & HTML support
  • Drag to target
  • Annotation
  • Match
  • Photo
  • Order pictures
  • Order words
  • Draw
  • Points / rewards / badges
  • Self-directed learning
  • Random question pooling


2) Reader Cloud and ‘Rooms’

Saving and Sharing Book Data
Like most Bookry widgets, Quiz Builder is Reader Cloud enabled which lets students save any data they’ve entered into the widget to the cloud and retrieve it again at a later date.  In other words, Reader Cloud lets them ‘login’ and ‘logout’ of their book to access their data, even if the book is on a different iPad. Reader Cloud is free and takes just seconds to join with a valid email address. Reader Cloud can also be used to ‘share’ widget data by email, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote (with more options coming soon).  Saving and Sharing can be done from within any Reader Cloud enabled widget, such as Sketchpad, Maze, Drag and Drop and Notepad.

But that’s not all – for Quiz Builder widget we have added a very special feature to Reader Cloud called ‘Rooms’.

Real-time Educator/Student Widget Interaction
Reader Cloud Rooms lets you connect and interact with other readers of the same widgets – locally or remotely – in real-time.  For example, from within a quiz widget you can create a Room for a particular lesson and invite students to join that Room (physically or virtually) using a unique PIN. Once participating in the same Room, educators and students can:

Teachers Can: Students Can:
  • View a teacher Dashboard
  • See who’s in the room
  • See individual submissions
  • Save data to the cloud
  • Receive data by email
  • Interact 1-1 with students
  • Make quiz submissions
  • Get hints if stuck
  • Mirror the teacher’s iPad
  • Save data to the cloud
  • Load data from the cloud

…and all this is done from inside the widget that lives in the book.

Furthermore, as all saved room data is stored in the cloud, both you and your students can access the data for a Room indefinitely from the book on any iPad. Shortly, both educators and students will also be able to access the widget data online via Readercloud.com, and there will be an API for direct feed into an LMS or other back-end system.

Watch our Quiz Builder with Rooms video to see how it works

Quiz Builder with Rooms for iBooks Author

Quiz Builder with Rooms – Teacher and Student views


3) Reporting

When used with Rooms the Quiz Builder widget automatically collects student responses to be delivered to you.  Our aim is to make student assessment as straightforward and pain-free as possible, so that’s why we’re working on a range of data collection methods for you to use:

  • View responses per student in real-time – You can access the organizer Dashboard at anytime from the widget on the iPad to view responses by each student.
  • Rooms summary report by email – Email yourself a summary report of all student responses for the room.
  • Online Dashboard (Coming soon) – Login to your account on Readercloud.com to view your Organizer Dashboard, which includes all room reports and student responses.
  • API (Coming soon) – Deliver responses directly into a third-party system e.g. LMS. Currently in Beta.


Bookry Quiz & Rooms Infographic

Click to view Infographic

Quiz Builder Resources
Quiz Builder is now in the free widget library for you to use.  We hope you find it useful for your books and don’t forget to visit the Quiz Builder Forum to suggest new question types and features.  Here are some further resources to help you get you started: