Get your free iBA Halloween template

Halloween Template

Free for Bookry users to download now is a spooky new Halloween themed portrait template for iBooks Author v2.  The template is based on IBAs ‘Gazette’ portrait theme and also contains 7 spooky ready made widgets plus a few other surprises. This template was put together by us in less than a day, which just goes to show how easy it is for anyone to create their own template in iBA. The free template includes:

  • Opening video sequence (with scary music and laughter, of course!)
  • 2 chapter layouts
  • 2 section layouts
  • 4 scary sounds
  • 7 ready-to-go spooky widgets:
    1. Scary Slider Puzzle widget to test your skull, we mean, skill (groan!)
    2. Special edition Sketchbook widget with Halloween background
    3. YouTube widget linking to a Halloween light show
    4. Spooky Photo Gallery widget, ready for your photos
    5. Halloween themed Quiz widget
    6. Scrollable Text Box widget of ‘A History of Halloween Games’
    7. Google Map widget featuring the 10 most haunted/scariest places in the world

You can use these widgets, or do your own – the choice is yours! Use this template to create a pre-Halloween project book, or wait until after the event to fill it with your scary stories and photos. The portrait template is perfect for both the iPad and iPad mini, so if you’re lucky enough to get an iPad mini this week then you’ll be able to show off both your Halloween book, AND your fabulous new device at the same time. All Bookry widgets have now been updated to support the new portrait format.

To get your template simply login to Bookry and go to ‘Author Tools’ in the top Toolbar,  select ‘Templates’ and follow the instructions.  Happy s-booking (sorry!)