Pizza Pilgrims: 9-in-1 super widget for HarperCollins’ latest iBooks Author title

Pizza Pilgrims Multi-Touch book from Harper Collins - now on the iBookstore

Bookry’s app-like ‘Recipe Widget’ connects authors with readers, readers with readers and engages them with activity rewards – all without leaving the book.

We are very fortunate to be working with HarperCollins on some of their latest Multi-Touch books created with iBooks Author.  First to reach the iBookstore is an enhanced digital edition of Pizza Pilgrims, a debut cookery book containing 100 mouth-watering Italian recipes from authors and stars of the London street-food scene, Thom and James Elliot, a.k.a. The Pizza Pilgrims.

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For the Pizza Pilgrims iBA we created a new HTML5  ‘Recipe Widget’ which we believe represents the next generation of app-like widgets made for Multi-Touch books. With this widget we accomplished many ‘firsts’, including:

  • the first widget-within-a-widget
  • the first tweets made directly from inside an iBA book widget
  • the first widget-to-widget linking across a book

The Recipe Widget is essentially 9 widgets brought together in 1 super widget that provides readers with everything they need to cook the delicious recipes and share their creations with others.  All the widgets are Reader Cloud enabled so that readers can save to the cloud any data entered into the book and retrieve it later – even if the book is on a different iPad.  Also, when interacting with the widget, the reader always stays within the book on iBooks – they are never taken to an outside app. The Recipe Widget includes the following 9 widgets:

  1. Share This
  2. Ratings
  3. Checklist
  4. Timer
  5. Notepad
  6. Profile
  7. Badges / Rewards
  8. In-book Photo
  9. Twitter
Pizza Pilgrims Recipe Widget - Icons

Pizza Pilgrims Recipe Widget – Icons

Note: widgets with hyperlinks are already in the free widget library for you to use now.

The Recipe Widget is similar to an app in layout as it displays a toolbar of icons that you can tap to bring up different functions within the widget. So let’s take a closer look at some of the tabs:


Recipe Tab

The widget defaults to this tab when it is opened and from here you can view the recipe method, tick ingredients of a checklist (and add them to a global list), add notes, start a timer and rate the recipe. The Notepad and Checklist widgets are already in the Bookry free widget library and the Timer and Ratings widgets are on our development list for release this year.  The method section also has up/down scrolling with highlighting and you can also tap on the expand arrows to hide/show the Timer and Notepad.

Pizza Pilgrims Super-Widget  |  Recipe Tab

Share Tab

Pizza Pilgrims Recipe Widget - Send to Evernote Food

Send to Evernote Food

This tab breaks down different functions of our Share This widget by allowing the reader to do the following straight from inside the book:

  • Send a tweet to their own Twitter account
  • Post a comment on Facebook
  • Send the recipe details straight to Evernote food
  • Send a tweet directly to the Pizza Pilgrims themselves

Tapping the ‘Take Photo’ tab opens up the iPad camera via the In-Book photo widget, so that the reader can take a photo of their creation and share it with others by email, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.  This tab also displays the Pizza Pilgrim Twitter feed so that readers can see their interactions with the authors inside the book itself.  Finally they can also recommend the recipe to a friend by email. The Share This widget is already in the Bookry free widget library for you to use.

Pizza Pilgrims Super-Widget | Share Tab

Profile Tab

This tab brings together all the reader’s interactions with Recipe Widgets in the book.  Here they can see their global shopping list of items added from the widgets ingredients list, any photos they have taken, and any recipes they have added as a favorite.

But what’s really exciting about the Profile tab is that it includes our new ‘Rewards Widget’.

To encourage interaction within the book, a reader is rewarded for every tweet, Facebook comment, rating, email recommendation, photo and Evernote link they do.  The more interactions they complete, the more points they achieve, and the more points they achieve the more rewards they receive – in this case pizza slices (virtual) and free pizza vouchers (physical – yummy!). All readers start off as a Novice with 0 pizza slices and work their way up to being a fully fledged Pizza Pilgrim with 16 slices when they receive their pizza voucher and a certificate from the authors themselves.

Pizza Pilgrims Super-Widget | Profile Tab

Many elements from this widget are already in the free widget library for you to use individually, but here are a few principles that we will be rolling out across all our widgets in the coming year:

  • App-like widget interaction – the Recipe widget behaves much like an app and the reader can use it within a book in iBooks, without leaving it. With over 50 billion apps downloaded from the App Store to date (Source: 2013 WWDC, Apple) you’d be right to assume that a large majority of your readers will be familiar with using apps and therefore recognize the added value of having app-like widgets in their Multi-Touch books. We try to make all our widgets app quality such as Sketchpad and Drag and Drop.
  • Rewards widget (cross-book widget linking) – Perfect for gamifying books this widget rewards readers for interacting with multiple widgets such as puzzles, games, quizzes and sharing. Rewards can be anything from issuing a virtual badge/certificate, revealing a hidden widget, emailing a voucher, or even sending a personal message from the author. Readers of all ages enjoy tackling problems, resolving them, achieving the ‘the epic win’ and being rewarded for it. Rewards is the perfect way to encourage readers to complete your book and return to it again and again, so look out for this widget in the free widget library in 2013.
  • Saving widget data – As widgets become more complex and readers spend more time interacting with them they will want to save what they do. This is where services like Reader Cloud (RC) come in as they enable readers to save their widget data to the cloud and retrieve it at anytime.  Essentially this gives the reader the ability to ‘login’ and ‘logout’ of their eBooks.  They only need to create an RC account once and login to it once. One tap of the RC ‘save’ button will automatically synchronize cloud and widget data across all widgets in the book.  Many Bookry widgets are RC enabled and RC will be rolled out to all other widgets where appropriate in the coming months.
  • Sharing widget data – Twitter has 500 million users worldwide, Facebook has 1.11 billion and Evernote has 60 million users (Source: DMR)! So why not let your readers connect with their favorite social sites from right inside your book.  Not only does it let them engage and bond with other readers of the same book and share content with their existing networks, it also helps to spread the word about your book! Our Share This widget is in the free library for you to use now.
  • Profile widget (cross-book and cross-series widget linking) – Again, the longer readers spend with your books the more they will want to save/access their data and the Profile widget collects all their data together and displays it in one place.  The reader’s Profile can be accessed from any widget in the book and can be accessed from widgets in other books in the same series. So imaging a series of travel guides where readers can make notes and take pictures from widgets in a book on ‘New York’ and access the same information from widgets in a book on ‘London’. With this widget were starting to entwine the reader with their books.

So there you have it – a guided tour of our new 9-in-1 super-widget. To create this widget we worked closely with HarperCollins and also The Creative Corporation, who developed the Pizza Pilgrims’ fantastic new website  Since the recent launch, the eBook has received great coverage in Apple’s iBookstore, including a dedicated ‘flowcase’ followed by inclusion in the ‘10 Books That Wow’ category, which saw the iBA fly to the top of both the Food and Drink and the ‘Made for iBooks’ charts.  The very busy Pilgrims will also be opening a new pizzeria in London’s Soho sometime in July 2013!

The Pizza Pilgrims iPad Special Edition is available now and compatible with all iPads from second generation onwards, including iPad Mini.  Here’s a video of the Pilgrims introducing their new eBook:

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