Create amazing Before & After widgets for your eBooks

Bookry Before & After widget for iBooks AuthorWhether you want to illustrate a room makeover, an antique restoration, or simply the passage of time, this nifty little widget lets your readers compare two ‘before’ and ‘after’ images.

To use Before & After, readers move a bar either horizontally or vertically across the iPad to ‘swipe’ between the images.  A very simple, but very effective widget that is super easy to put together in the online generator and this is how you do it:

Bookry Before & After widget for iBooks Author

Example online generator settings

  1. Upload two images, making sure that they are the same size for the best results (1024 wide x 728 high for landscape, 768 wide and 984 high for portrait).
  2. Specify where you want the swipe-bar to start. Choose from: top, bottom, right or left of the widget.
  3. Select the width of the swipe-bar in pixels.
  4. Select the color for the swipe-bar either by entering a color code or by using the color picker.
  5. Select ‘Save & Preview’ to view the widget in your browser and once your happy with it, click on ‘Download’. Drag and drop the widget file into iBooks Author.

It’s as easy as that!  Have fun playing with this widget – you can find it in the free library now.  Remember, if you love your Bookry widgets then please support us by following @thebookry, on Facebook, Pintrest and YouTube. Thanks!
Click here to download an example Before & After widget