Quiz Updates – Sharing & Last Page Layout

Sharing and last page layout has been added to Quiz BuilderThanks for all your positive feedback on our new Quiz Builder widget – we’re delighted that you like it and find it useful. We will be continuously adding new features over the next few months. Here is a quick summary of what has been added this week:

1. Sharing – Upload a file (picture, PDF, Word Document) for readers to share with others, or email to themselves e.g. a certificate for completing the quiz.   Place in the Quiz as a button, or as a link. Sharing options are Email, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.

2. Last Page Customization – You now have the option to change the layout and wording of the summary/results page.  You will see a new ‘Summary Pages’ button in the generator, which when clicked, gives you a drop-down of pages to create.  What appears in this dropdown will depend on what you’ve selected in the  ‘Automatic Grading’ section of the generator, but there are four pages for you to customize and these are listed below, together with their default messages:

  • Unfinished – “You need to complete all Quiz questions before you can check your final score. Please go back and complete any questions you have missed.“
  • Correct – “You have completed the Quiz! Well done, you got x out of x. [Tap here to try again].
  • Incorrect – “You have completed the Quiz! You got x out of x. [Tap here to try again].”
  • Grade – “You have completed the Quiz! [Tap here to see your score].

Please visit our Quiz Builder Forum to make suggestions on new features.  To report a bug with Quiz Builder please use our Support system.  Thanks!