Featured Title: Girl’s Survival Guide to Golf

Featured Title: A Girl's Survival Guide to GolfThis month we feature a series of eBooks that have been imaginatively recreated for the iPad.  Made with iBooks Author, ‘A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf: The Pink Series 1-3’ are jammed-packed full of fantastic interactive features including video, quizzes, audio and Bookry widgets.

These successful books were written by golf author Christina Ricci and have been available in print since 2008. However the layout of the self-help books, which heavily feature photos, icons (e.g. tips) and tutorials, lent themselves perfectly to the iPad and so Christina started work on the conversions in early 2012.

Christina has carefully redesigned the books so that they maximize iBooks Author’s simple chapter structure and interactive widget support.  The eBooks include the following widgets that all open within the book itself:

  • Audio – Listen to Christina’s text narration or check answers to Quiz questions.
  • Video – Direct links to YouTube tutorial videos (created with Bookry’s YouTube widget).
  • Quiz – Test your knowledge (created using iBooks Author’s inbuilt Review widget).
  • Photo Sequences – See step-by-step photos illustrating key points (Bookry’s Timeline widget)
  • Feedback – Ask Christina a question (created using Bookry’s Feedback widget).

Timeline widget and iBA Review widgetWe particularly like the way Christina has cleverly used the Bookry Timeline widget to illustrate key points, step-by-step.  By ‘knitting’ together multiple photos using the Timeline widget, the reader can slide their finger across an image to see each step in turn, which is almost like slow motion but much more effective as the reader is in control of the sequence timing.

The eBooks are now available on the iBookstore: Pink Series 1, Pink Series 2 and Pink Series 3.  You can also download samples from The Gallery.

Find out more about Christina at www.golfsurvivalguide.com and www.MissPar.com. Christina is releasing more in this digital golf series with her forthcoming Yellow Series, which complements her brand new printed title, ‘A Girl’s On-Course Survival Guide to Golf Series 2.’