New! Pictures added to WordSearch

Now add picture hints to your Word Search puzzleWordSearch is easily one of our most popular puzzle widgets as it enables authors to quickly create custom puzzles for their eBooks made with iBooks Author.  We’ve now enhanced the online generator so that you can now create picture-based WordSearch games as well as text-based ones.  So, in addition to giving readers a list of words to find in a grid you can also give them pictures, thus challenging them to guess the picture AND find it in the letter grid. Here’s how to add pictures to your WordSearch:

Adding pictures to the Word Search generator

Adding pictures to the Word Search generator

  1. Add your list of words to the generator under ‘Live Settings’.
  2. Click on Save.
  3. Click on the blue link ‘Want to show images as hints rather than words?’
  4. Upload an image for each word. (If you don’t upload a picture, the word will be shown instead).
  5. Click on ‘Save’ and then ‘Download’.

Once the reader has found each word in the grid the pictures magically disappear from the list!

To have a play with this widget simply download the example file below, unzip it, drag it into iBooks Author and then preview. Or, you can create your own puzzles now by visiting Word Search in the free widget library. Have fun!

Download sample widget