Quiz Update: Accept Photo Answers from Students

Photo question type added to QuizNew on Quiz Builder today is an additional question type that lets you to accept photo answers from students. This is perfect for practical questions, where you want to get more from students than a paragraph of text. For example, you could ask them to take a snapshot of an experiment they’re doing, or challenge them to find and photograph an insect in the garden.

Here’s how you add this question type to your Quiz:

  1. ┬áIn the Quiz Builder Generator, click on the blue “+” button in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select ‘Photo’ from the question type pop-up menu (as in the image above).
  3. You will see that the markdown for adding a photo has already been placed in the generator for you: [photo “Take Photo”].
  4. Customize what you want your button to say by replacing “Take Photo” in the markdown with your own text.

Then to complete the question readers simply:

  • Tap on the “Take Photo” button in their quiz, which brings up a pop-up.
  • Either: select ‘Take Photo’ which takes them directly to the iPad camera.
  • Or: select ‘Choose Existing’ which allows them to select a photo from the iPad’s camera roll.
  • The photo is then automatically inserted into the quiz and they can proceed to the next question.

And all this happens without leaving the quiz widget in the book!

Furthermore, as with all other Quiz Builder question types, photo is supported in Rooms so that the Room organizer can remotely see all photos placed in the quiz by individual readers via the Organizer Dashboard, in real-time.