New Widget: Classic Pairs Memory Game

Bookry Memory widget for iBooks AuthorOh, what hours of fun we’ve had testing and playing this classic game!  Challenge your readers to find a matching pair of images from a set of overturned image (traditionally cards). A great way to boost memory and/or reinforce a theme, whilst having fun at the same time!  Customization options include:

  • Set the grid size
  • Upload your own widget background image
  • Upload one ‘card’ background image
  • Upload your images for the pairs
  • Add optional timer
  • Upload ‘start’, ‘win’ and ‘loose/times up’ graphics

The game is perfect for children’s books, however with so many customization options available you can easily create more difficult games to suit readers of all ages. Here is the quickest way to get it into iBooks Author:

  1. Visit the free Widget Library page and click on the Memory widget.
  2. Select the ‘Download Now’ button.
  3. Fill in the pop-up (you will need to select a username and password if you are a new user).
  4. Fill in the ‘Static’ and ‘Live’ settings in the online generator and ‘Save’
  5. Download the widget file to your Mac and drag it into iBA.