A New Definition of Interactivity for Multi-Touch Books – Frankfurt Book Fair 13

Sadly the Frankfurt Book Fair draws to a close today, but we’ve had an amazing time.  We’ve been fortunate enough to talk to many, many interesting and inspiring people in the last 5 days, from Bookry users and educators, to publishers, self-authors and creatives. All were keen to find out more about our interactive HTML5 widgets for iBooks Author, and our new InDesign to iBooks Author conversion tool for publishers.  As well as making some great new friends, we also got to know exactly what tools our users need to make stunning Multi-Touch books for the iPad.

We had great fun too! One of our main themes for the event was demonstrating how our definition of interactivity goes beyond a reader simply playing a game or drawing a picture in a book.  To us, interactivity also refers to what’s going on around the book too, such as the reader interacting with other readers, interacting with the book author, and with real-life objects! To demonstrate this we had fun with two props:

Book Barista
Meet the world’s first iBooks Author widget-controlled coffee machine!  We invited visitors to view our ‘Book Barista’ Multi-Touch book, created using iBooks Author, in iBooks on the iPad, then tap on the ‘Order Now’ widget. They then watched in amazement as the Reader Cloud powered coffee machine dispensed it for them. Lovely, extra strong, steaming coffee direct from iBooks! A big thanks to those at RaspberryPi.org and Zipwhip.com for the hardware.

Virtual Sue
An interactive Virtual Mannequin featuring Bookry Co-founder Susan Davies talking through four topics: Welcome, Our Vision, Widgets and InDesign to iBooks Author Converter.  Visitors choose which subject they want to listen to using the Multi-Touch book that was made with iBooks Author.  Each section features a “Tap to Play” button, that opens a widget and plays the corresponding video.

Special Thanks – Virtual Mannequins can be very expensive, but we made our own for much less. We only managed to do this with lots of help from some really great people:

  • Chris and Goronwy from BICO in Beaumaris, Anglesey for creating the files needed for the acrylic cutting and for making a really amazing base out of some scraps in their factory.
  • Sean at Insi Precision in Caernarfon for first-class water jetting of the acrylic at such short notice.
  • Mike and everyone at Micrographics in Llandudno Junction for printing the ‘legs’ sticker and fixing the 3M film for us so perfectly.
  • All filming and editing was done one Saturday afternoon the Bookry offices using an iPhone, a Mac, basic studio set up, a bit of a dodgy script, and terrible presenting skills! (Great fun though).

Thanks everyone!!