Featured Title: England’s 100 Best Views

Review of England's 100 Best Views on iBooksThis month we take a look at a new multi-touch book written by one of Britain’s most prominent journalists and bestselling authors, Simon Jenkins.

The book is a visual treat as it includes page upon page of stunning scenic photographs of the very best English views as chosen by Jenkins himself, who is currently Chairman of the National Trust. The hardback book is impressive, but with such amazing photography the layout was just perfect for digital publishing on the iPad. The title was created using  Apple’s iBooks Author by publishers Profile Books and YUDU.

In the book, the reader can immerse themselves in the beautiful landscapes by swiping through the high resolution photographs – all of which enlarge to full screen – and learn more about the locations themselves from Jenkins’ entertaining narrative. YUDU have also cleverly enhanced the reader experience by using two simple but very effective interactive features:
Bookry's Google Maps and 360 Panorama widget for iBooks Author

  • Most of the pages include our Google Maps widget. Upon tapping the widget icon, the reader is presented with a map that pinpoints the exact location of that view, making it easy for any  traveler to find it’s exact location.
  • Many of the pages also include our 360° Panorama widget.  When the reader taps this widget icon they are presented with an amazing panorama image, which basically becomes a portal to the location itself – by moving the iPad up and down, left and right, the reader can see exactly what the photographer saw when they took the photo – amazing. So if you can’t travel to the viewpoint itself, you can visit it virtually from right inside the book itself.

The book was published on iTunes last October and was recognized by Apple as one of the best ‘Made for iBooks’ titles of 2013 and is available now to buy on iTunes.