Featured Title: De Olympische Spelen

iBook review: De Olympische SpelenWith the Winter Olympics in Sochi well underway it would seem apt to feature an appropriately themed title as Featured Book this month.  So, we were delighted to recently come across this wonderful and interesting new digital title from Dutch eBook producers Gasthuis Producties.

Created using iBooks Author, ‘De Olympische Spelen’ (The Olympic Games) is an educational eBook which describes the evolution of the Olympic Games from ancient Greece to the present day.  It’s packed full of easy-to-read narrative that includes fascinating facts about the World’s foremost sporting event, and reinforces key ideas with engaging interactive enhancements such as high resolution images, galleries, pop-overs, 3D images, video and audio. Readers can test their knowledge of the subject as they progress through the book by using iBA review widgets.

Featured Book: De Olympische SpelenAnd, there are one or two Bookry widgets too (thanks guys!). The book includes a Maze, Slider Puzzle, Spot the Difference, Drag and Match jigsaw puzzle, Before and After, Interactive Timeline and Sketchpad!

Congratulations to Gasthuis Producties for creating such a visually engaging eBook. You can get a taster for the eBook’s contents from the YouTube video below, and you find out more from the Gasthuis Producties website and on Facebook.  The eBook is available to buy on iTunes now in the US store and the Netherlands store.

Also keep an eye out for Bookry widgets in other titles from Gasthuis Producties including a Multi-Touch book about the eleven cities skatetour (De Elfstedentocht) – the famous ice skating race among eleven cities in Friesland.(Available from the US Store and Netherlands Store.  We wish them the best of luck with all their titles!