In-Book Photo Widget for iBooks Author is Here!

Bookry In-Book Photo widget for iBooks AuthorLetting readers take their own photo and place it in your book is a great way to encourage interaction and for readers to personalize the content. With our new In-Book Photo widget, readers simply click on the widget icon and then take a photo using their device.  The photo is then placed in the widget.

This great widget can be used for both fun and functional purposes – such as taking a photo of an amazing cake that’s just been decorated or to capture the results of a completed experiment. Whatever you decide to use it for, our In-Book Photo widget will certainly add a new dimension to your book that your readers will enjoy using.

This is how you can create your first In-Book Photo widget with a customized frame;

1) Create a holding image for your widget (1024 x 728 for landscape, 984 x 768 for portrait).  This will appear in place of the reader’s photo when the widget is opened for the first time (optional). Upload the image to Bookry.

2) Create a frame that will appear in front of the reader’s photo, making sure that the photo area is transparent (1024 x 728 for landscape, 984 x 768 for portrait). Upload the image to Bookry.

3) Amend the padding settings to ensure that the photo taken is placed in the right position behind the frame.

3) Repeat the above process for up to 5 frames, which can be viewed in the widget by scrolling from left to right.

…..and that’s it!  You can find the widget in the Bookry free library now – have fun!