Sounds added to Maze, Match Game, Reveal & Drag & Drop

More sound effects added to Bookry widgetsWe’ve been busy making changes to many of our generators so that you can now add cool sound effects to your widgets that will really bring them to life.  Our recent additions are:

  • Maze: add a sound when a reader collects and item in the maze.  Also add a win sound on completing a maze.
  • Match Game: add sounds for a selected item, when the reader completes a group, for an incorrect match and on game completion.
  • Reveal: add a sound for the scratching or peeping.
  • Drag & Drop: add sounds for picking up an item, dropping an item and adding a new item.

Remember, Bookry support audio files that are m4a format. You can use QuickTime to convert any existing mp3 files into this format by simply opening the file in QuickTime, selecting ‘File’ > ‘Export’ and then ‘Audio Only’. And if you’re looking for some creative commons free sounds, try these websites: