Customize the Peep Hole Shape in Reveal

Reveal widget peep hole functionRecently added to the generator of our very popular Reveal widget, is the ability to upload an image to customize the peep hole shape.  The reader then drags this shape around the screen to guess what’s hidden underneath, rather than the default square shape.

When creating your peep hole image all you need to do is make sure that the peep hole in your image is a transparent area. For the best results make the edge of your image the same color as the ‘Mask Color’ in the generator, and make the image size the same as the peep hole size. For example you could show two circles as binoculars, or perhaps a keyhole shape.

Also, as mentioned in a previous blog, we’ve also add a sound effect to the Reveal generator so that you could add a scraping noise when the reader is rubbing away the top image, or some mysterious music when the reader is moving the peep hole around.  Or for younger readers maybe you could add the noise of an animal they’re trying to identify!

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