Add Bookry Widgets to iTunes U


Add Bookry Widgets to iTunes U Today we’re delighted to announce iTunes U support for all your Bookry widgets.

In addition to using your widgets in your Multi-Touch books made with iBooks Author, you can also place them in any course on iTunes U. This is how it works:

  1. Create your widgets on as before, using your computer or iPad.
  2. After creating your widget, tap on the ‘iTunes U and App Link’ tab.
  3. You are then presented with a unique widget code for you to place on iTunes U.

To view the widgets, all your students need to do is download the free Bookry Widgets App to their iPad and enter the widget code – simple!

So, if you want to add a Quiz to your course on iTunes U, simply upload your course documentation (e.g. Multi-Touch book, Keynote, PDF, Pages etc.) to iTunes U, then compliment this with your Bookry Quiz widget code, together with the codes of any other Bookry widgets you want to include. You can also provide them with a code for your book project (get this from your book tab on, so that they can download multiple widgets in one go.

Bookry Widget App - Enter Code


In addition to iTunes U, you can share the code to view a widget with your students through email, a web link or on your classroom’s whiteboard!

We really hope that this addition will help you to preparing amazing, interactive iTunes U courses for your students.  What’s more, when you’re ready to take the course materials and create your own textbook in iBooks Author, all your widgets will work directly within the iBooks you create, with no further changes. Here are just a few reasons why we think Bookry widgets and iTunes U work perfectly together to let you unleash the full potential of iPad in your classroom:

  • Great Free Widgets
    All our HTML5 widgets are free to use, easy to create, are professional quality and work beautifully on the iPad. We currently have 43 customizable widgets in our Free Widget Library for you to build using our online generator, with software to download or install.
  • Save Widget Data
    The majority of Bookry widgets are Reader Cloud (RC) enabled, which means that students can save any data that they enter into their widgets to their RC account. Logging in and out of Reader Cloud enables students to save and wipe widget data in seconds.
  • Share Widget Data
    Any Reader Cloud enabled widget lets readers share data they’ve entered into that widget. Current sharing options include email (e.g. to the instructor), the student’s Evernote account, or publicly to Facebook or Twitter, if these options are enabled. We also offer an API to integrate widget data with third party systems.
  • Real-time Widget Data Sharing with ‘Rooms’
    From a room, widget participants can progress through widgets together in real-time with students entering data as they go, with the teacher viewing all room data via an organizer Dashboard in the iPad widget itself.
  • Reader Analytics
    Bookry provides you with analytics on student interaction at both widget level and book/course level. Therefore you can see how many times your widgets on iTunes U or iBooks are being viewed.

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