Bookry Widgets Support new iBooks Author Features!

Bookry widgets can now run on the page in iBooks AuthorIt’s a real delight to see new features added to iBooks Author, which were publicly announced following Apple’s Special Event last week. Here’s a summary of a few you can start making use of right away:

  • Import from EPUB 2 and 3: add great widgets to your existing EPUB books or use authoring tools on other platforms.
  • Import from Adobe InDesign: you can now import your books from InDesign and then complement them with interactivity for iBooks Author.  Watch our video about this on YouTube.
  • Run widgets on the page: widgets can now run on the book page itself, with no need to open up in a new window full screen.
  • Auto-play widgets: you can now set widgets to run automatically on page turn, doing away with the need to tap. This is perfect for auto-starting keynotes and audio.

Many of these changes open up new potential for iBooks Author users. For example, it’s now much easier to add both read-along and auto-animations to children’s books. Also by placing the widgets on the page itself rather than opening up in a new window, you can make the user experience much more dynamic and smoother.

The great news is all Bookry widgets now support running on page and autoplaying, and we will be publishing some tutorials on this blog in the next day or so showing you how.

(Note: to start tinkering with these new features you will need to update your Mac to OSX Yosemite and your iPad to iOS 8– both of which are free!)