How to run Bookry Widgets ‘On the Page’ in iBooks Author

In the latest version of iBooks Author, widgets can now run on the book page itself without needing to open up fullscreen in a new window. The vast majority of Bookry widgets now support using a “freeform” dimension which helps you set them up for running directly on the page. All you need to do is set the size you want the widget to be in the book and when you place it on the page, everything will be sized and set up magically.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to get your first on-screen widget up and running:

1.) Before you start customizing the widget you should set up its size to make sure all the hard work of resizing images etc is done for you by Bookry. When you create the widget, select the “Orientation and Size” dropdown in the static settings (top-left)


2.) Select the freeform option. Here you can enter the width and height that you want the widget to be in iBooks Author. Once you’ve entered these, all the images and backgrounds that you upload to the widget will be sized correctly.


3.) Now you can customize the widget as you normally would. Once you’ve finished doing this, download it and drag it into your book as usual.


4.) Click on the widget in iBooks author and open the Widget Inspector. You will need to choose the “Plays on page” option. Your widget is now being told to play in-situ on the page in iBooks.


5.) Finally we just need to make the widget in iBooks Author the correct size. (Make sure you select the widget for this step and not the gray frame around it!) Once you’ve selected the widget choose the Metrics inspector. Here you can set the width and height of the widget. (In our case it’s 600 by 600).onscreen_5

There you have it. Your first on-page widget.