Coloring-in addition to Sketchpad

iBooks Author Colouring WidgetThanks for all your great feedback regarding our new Sketchpad widget.  Many of you requested a function for coloring-in, which we agreed would be an excellent addition. So now, as part of the generator’s ‘static settings’, you can upload a transparent foreground image to the widget. Once applied, readers can only color-in the transparent sections (see the image example above), thus retaining the image outline.

This feature is now live on and we’ve created a couple of examples for you to try out. Other cool features coming soon to the Sketchpad include flood fill and text tool so make sure you follow us @thebookry for the latest widget release news.

The quickest way to get this widget in your iBooks Author file is:

1)    Visit the Widget Library page and click on the Sketchpad widget.
2)    Select the “Download Now’ button.
3)    Fill in the pop-up (you will need to select a username and password if you are a new user).
4)    Follow the Widget Wizard instructions, filling in the ‘Static’ and ‘Live’ settings.
5)    Save, download, and drag and drop into iBooks Author.