Featured Titles: ‘London’ and ‘Paris’

iBook Review - Paris and LondonHere are two new Multi-Touch books for children from Sikanmar Interactive. The books, created with iBooks Author, are part story, part travel guide and follow a boy called Jo as he explores the two capital cities for the first time. The books cover most topics you’d expect from a travel guide such as culture, history and attractions. However, they are also packed full of fun activities and games that show-off iBooks Author’s interactive capabilities to the fullest.

iBooks review - London and Paris screenshots

The books are part of an exciting new series of interactive travel notebooks for children. The book summaries say: “Whether you are traveling across continents, exploring a foreign city or staying at home, there are so many interesting things to discover in other countries, near or far! Their cultures are fascinating and hold lots of surprises that will make you even more curious and give you a real taste for traveling.”

You can download a free sample of ‘London’ and ‘Paris’ from The Gallery. Also on the iBookstore in (both French and English) where the full versions are on sale.