Form Builder for iBooks Author is here!

Create a form to put in your iBookNeed to place a form in your Multi-Touch book made with iBooks Author? Perhaps you have a survey you’d like readers to complete? Or maybe you want to collect business enquiries from potential customers? Or a form that calculates compound interest?

Now available in the free widget library is our new Form Builder widget, which you can use to create your own forms, section by section, and place them into your book.  This exciting  widget lets you to collect data from your readers in a way that was previously not possible with a digital book.

Form Builder has the following great features:

  • Easy to use online generator to create your form
  • Add headers and sub-headers
  • Include multiple choice, radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Include text and numerical input fields
  • Email input field with validation
  • Mandatory field option
  • Formula options to create calculations
  • Enable ‘Reader Notes’ (text input)
  • Specify header color and size
  • Choose from a library of submission buttons
  • Customizable background
  • Pagination for longer forms
  • Real-time submission delivery by email and/or online to

Create a form to place in your iBooks
How readers submit form data

All data entered into the form by your reader can be delivered to a specified email address and/or made available online via your account.  Data is made available in multiple formats including .csv for Excel and through our api.

Readers can save their form data
If you’ve given your reader a long form to complete it may be useful for them to ‘save’ their data, so they don’t have to complete it all in one go.  As with all Bookry widgets that display the cloud icon in the top right hand corner of the widget-bar, your reader can save or retrieve/load their data from the cloud at anytime.

Here are just a few example scenarios where Form Builder may be useful:

  • Questionnaires & surveys
  • Feedback forms
  • General contact forms
  • Checklists
  • Student assignment submissions
  • Create formula/calculation fields that work similar to Excel

We are currently working on a video tutorial for this widget.  But if you’re keen to get started then the quickest way to get this widget in your book is by following these steps;

1) Visit the Form Builder page in the free widget library
2) Select the “Download Now’ button
3) Fill in the pop-up (you will need to select a username and password if you are a new user)
4) Follow the Online Generator instructions (Static Settings and Live Settings)
5) ‘Save’ and ‘Download’ the zip file to your Mac
6) Unzip the file and drag the ‘widgetname.wdgt’ file from Finder into iBooks Author.

Note: The cannier amongst you may have spotted that Form Builder has some resemblance to a review widget. Well, you’re right! And if you love Form Builder then you’re REALLY gonna love our new Quiz widget, which is due to be released soon.