New ‘clip’ feature added to YouTube widget

YouTube clip iconYou may have seen on Twitter yesterday that we’ve been updating our YouTube Widget to introduce a new ‘clip’ feature. This feature has been requested by many of our authors, who want to show part of a YouTube video, rather than the full version. Some of the many advantages of this include:

  • Skip past unrelated material.
  • Keep readers engaged and focused on the subject.
  • Control content (e.g. for educational/children’s books).
  • Make and update changes to the widget.

Unique to Bookry’s YouTube Widget is the ability to make changes to the widget at any time (e.g. link to a different/updated YouTube video) and automatically push updates out to all downloaded or published books.

This widget is now LIVE and available free to all Bookry users. The quickest way to get this widget into your book is:

  1. Visit the Widget Library page on Bookry and click on the YouTube widget.
  2. Select ‘Add this to my book’.
  3. Fill in the pop-up (you will need to select a username and password if you are a new Bookry user).
  4. Follow the quick Widget Wizard instructions.
  5. Save, download and drop into your iBooks Author file. Easy!