Fun Valentine’s Day game for your Multi-Touch book

Free Valentine's Match game for your iBooksHappy Valentine’s Day! We love the fact that you love our free widgets for iBooks Author. So as a special treat we’ve created a simple funky game for you to place and play in your book.  Called ‘Valentine’s Match’ the game challenges you match and tap the loved-up shapes in groups of three or more – but be quick, as you’re being timed!

To get the game into your book, simply click on the folder and download the zip file to your Mac.  Then unzip it and drag and drop the .wdgt file from Finder into iBooks Author.

Unfortunately the game isn’t in our free widget library for you to download………….yet! Think of it more as an appetizer for things to come, as we are currently working on this and other similar gaming widgets for the Bookry library.  As always, the games will be fully customizable so that they can be tailored to fit in with any book style. Keep in touch with us for the latest news on new widget releases.

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